Water Proof

As The Burning River Foundation honors George Voinovich for his career-long defense of Lake Erie, we asked him what he considers his biggest achievements.

George Voinovich grins as he recalls the bond he's had with Lake Erie since his days walking along the shore after class at Collinwood High School. That connection followed him into his first campaign running for the state legislature, and stuck with him through the end of his second term in the U.S. Senate.

"I call it •The Second Battle of Lake Erie,' " says Voinovich, who also served as governor of Ohio and mayor of Cleveland during his 46-year career in public service. "That's what I've been waging."

Great Lake Brewing Co. and The Burning River Foundation founder Patrick Conway will present Voinovich the inaugural Outstanding Environmental Leadership Award at this year's Burning River Fest, July 21 and 22, in recognition of his dedication to our Great Lake.

"He believes this is our Grand Canyon," Conway says. "This is our Yosemite."

We asked Voinovich to share what he sees as his three biggest accomplishments when it comes to preserving what he calls "our greatest natural resource."

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