The Sound of Silence

Asdrubal Cabrera loves his necklace. He wears it on the field, around town and, for all we know, to bed. But we don’t know, because he won’t say. He won’t sayanything about it. “I’ll talk about anything, but not my necklace. It brings good luck. I don’t want to break that.” No matter what he’s asked he won’t crack. He’s not talking about it.

What is known about his Wilma Flintstone look-alike is that his wife made it and it’s not made of pearls. Want more? You’ll have to find Mrs. Cabrera. If you’re summering in Puerto La Cruz, perhaps you’ll see her.

Otherwise you’ll have to deal with our silent, superstitious second baseman. Might sound strange, but he could be former Chicago Cubs pitcher Turk Wendell. He used to brush his teeth between innings, chew black licorice, draw three crosses in the dirt and wave at the center fielder before pitches. Suddenly Asdrubal’s mime act doesn’t sound so weird, huh?
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