[Fancy Footwork]

Sissy Puccio-Aversa’s shoes are made for more than walking. They’re made for selling. “I literally have sold the shoes off my feet!” says Puccio-Aversa, a London-trained shoe designer/maker who offers shoemaking classes in Rocky River. “I’ll be out, and people will come up to me and say, ‘I love those shoes! Where did you get them?’ It’s a great way to market myself.”

What’s your favorite pair of shoes that you own?
I have a pair of silver, jewel-encrusted strappy sandals with 4-inch heels that I wore for my wedding. They’re complete princess shoes.
What are your favorite shoes to make?
When clients give me free rein to do what-ever I want.
What are you learning to make now?
I am learning the art of making men’s shoes. In the traditional world of shoemaking, the shoes were made in an assembly-line method; no one person did or knew how to make the entire shoe. Fortunately, I have been able to acquire the skills and knowledge, and I will continue to master my skills and techniques. Like all great masters, you keep moving forward and keep learning.
Visit www.puccioandmackay.com or call (513) 476-SHUZ for more information.

Classes run $1,600 for mules, $2,100 for pumps, $2,900 for boots and an additional $500 for private tutoring.
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