All That Glitters

A new boutique in the heart of Larchmere has a few antiques, plus a smart sampling of frilly finery.
The door is flung wide open. Light, warmth and giggles tumble into the street. It sounds like an impromptu dinner party — and really, that’s the essence of Industrie, a new odds-and-ends boutique in Larchmere. It fluttered in this past June like a flouncy Parisian peacock, preening its two small rooms dripping with beautiful things to touch, wear and even eat.

Bits of kitchenware are strewn carefully about. There’s enamelware antique mixing bowls from Czechoslovakia, pieces that collectors are starting to snap up — but here they’re only $5 to $25. Silky cotton or cashmere Boho finger gloves ($55 a pair and up) are laid out in come-hither manner across an end table.

Little perky things that catch the eye and clamor for attention are everywhere. Owner Sharon Lindseth sells jewelry from local designers, such as Susan Scaparotti’s peace sign charms in silver and gold.

Amid the trinkets are the clothes. It’s a small collection but sharply chosen, the sort that comes to be when a woman with means and style opens a store for her friends. “Incorporating everything that I love, from clothing to jewelry to vintage furniture and fresh cut flowers makes me happy,” says Lindseth.

Frye boots, a brand with style and timeless appeal, speak to the quality of Industrie’s apparel selection, explains Lindseth. “People can’t believe they got rid of their Frye boots in college — they last forever,” she laughs. (She just got the $225 knee-high engineer style in stock.) Lacy bras and boy-cut panties by Only Hearts are nestled into an old armoire or draped across a miniature ladder or piled onto a table. Loomstate organic jeans and T-shirts are stacked on an old picnic table.

Lindseth has picked out her favorite things to share with Cleveland, and Industrie delivers a mishmash that crosses the board, but is unified by one important thing: quality.

12708 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, (216) 229-7220

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