Commercial Installation

Morton's Landscape Development Co.
Morton's Landscape Development Co. of Columbia Stationassisted a company that wanted to renovate theirheadquarters' landscape and add more color, without using annuals.Only some trees, perennials, gold mops and chamaecypariswere retained. The new warm color scheme complementsthe company's yellow logo. Fire meideland roses, potentillaand white hydrangeas joined the existing plants. Three

Todd's Enviroscapes Inc.
Todd's Enviroscapes Inc. of Louisville created a landscape for Terry's Tire Town that not only took advantage of its naturalatmosphere but also created a more pleasant surrounding for its clientele. Initial evaluation determined that the building appeared to be quite understated. Todd's recognized there wasa definite need to make this property an attractive focal point. It was able to create the desired impression by incorporating acasual path to the entryway with a stone pillar, thereby adding interest as well. A natural screen, provided by stately Arborvitae, helped to define the space and also act as a separation fromthe parking lot. An outdoor lunch area surrounded by specimen plantings was introduced so that employees could enjoy a relaxingspace. The Japanese influence of this area, requested bythe owner, adds to the calming environment. A waterfall and abridge walkway contributes to this serene gathering area. While previously the landscape was relatively flat, mounding work wascompleted resulting in a rolling contour. Passing motorists and those visiting Terry's Tire Town can now enjoy the colors provided by the array of annuals and the added dimension created by the top rock detail.

Lifestyle Landscaping Inc.
Lifestyle Landscaping Inc. of Grafton had six months tocreate a Western-inspired landscape in time for the grandopening of Blue Canyon Restaurant. The owners envisioned arustic vista, something that Lifestyle achieved by constructingan outdoor dining terrace. An adjacent 8-foot waterfall, visibleto guests when they descend the stairs to the dining terrace,started as a massive 3-ton stone. Large, bubbling rock waterfeatures highlight the front and back of the restaurant. Perennialsas well as an array of evergreen and deciduous plantsbloom throughout.

Morton's Landscaping Development Co.
Morton's Landscaping Development Company of ColumbiaStation earned the commission from the residents' board of this lakefront condominium community to revitalizeits grounds. After removing all existing plants, the landscapersinstalled new irrigation and introduced touches to promote ayear-round look. A more dramatic entry was created followingthe repaving of the front with new asphalt, concrete and IlCampo pavers. A variety of trees including sweetbay magnolia,seven son flower, Galilean dogwood and Japanese tree lilac addto the look. Those and other plants provide year-round interestand color as well as ground cover to achieve the effect.
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