Commercial Maintenance

R.B. Stout Inc.

Since 1984, R.B. Stout Inc. has been the exclusive landscapecontractor of this 50-acre, 1-million-plus-square-foot commercialspace. The property includes hundreds of trees andshrubs, 27 show gardens and acres of perennial gardens.Arrays of tulips and crocuses welcome visitors to the propertyin springtime. Perennials follow, taking their places alongsidegrasses, annuals and tropicals. A picket fence becomes a focalpoint, directing visitors toward an entrance and also servingas a backdrop to the colorful floral displays. In September, thefence disappears behind the pluming miscanthus. Desum andperovskia bring color until late in the season.

Creative landscaping approaches are evident everywhere. Themain entrance to Office Max Plaza features a large annual bedsurrounding its logo while trees, shrubs and daffodils providecolor. At Rosemont Commons, a high and dry perennial bedprovides seasonal interest and color. Sedums and grasses appearin late September. The Shops of Fairlawn feature several large42-inch Italian terra cotta pots with plantings to represent theseason. Banana trees are surrounded by a colorful garden withlabeled plant varieties.

Todd's Enviroscapes Inc.
Todd's Enviroscapes Inc. knew the importance of making agood first impression for Terry's Tire Town corporate officein Louisville. Installing annuals, providing lawn and flowerbedmaintenance and caring for the waterfall all contribute to a landscapeso attractive the mayor often uses it in his recruitment ofnew business to the Alliance area.

Top rock and annuals boasting strong colors set a tone for thecommunity and visitors while large beds and specimen plantingsnear the entrance help maintain the right corporate image. Additionalspecimen plantings are also located around the Koi pond.

What to Ask

Q: How can homeowners alter their existinghomes to accommodate their elderly parents' needs?
A: The construction of wooden or concreteramps doesn't deter from the house. It's importantto stay within city codes. Have a landscapearchitect or designer help create somethingthat works practically and aesthetically.

-Mike Vitou, The Pattie Group

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