Dishes by Design

If the term "tablescape" escapes you, then pull up a chair and let Solari co-owners Terri Viets and Jane Clark explain why it's so much more than a table set for a meal — it's a table set for a mood. "You have to ask yourself, 'What am I trying to accomplish on the table?' " Viets says. Here are four essential elements from the Rocky River spot to get you started.

  Second Life  

Reimagine everyday items. Viets wrapped a potted cyclamen in a patterned tea towel, then placed it in a fruit bowl to create this centerpiece.

  Pretty Pleasing  

"A really pretty, totally useless piece," such as this Murano glass ornament ($30), adds unexpected delight to the table, Clark says.

  Mix and Match  

"[Identical settings] are absorbed in 30 seconds," Viets says. Mixing plate patterns makes each setting more inviting.

  Double Duty  

Pieces like this glass bowl ($248) are functional — it can hold sugar, Viets suggests — and are a work of art. "Show off your prettiest things," she says

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