Enclaves: Daisy Hill in Hunting Valley

46 single-family homes Median appraised home value: $1.16 million
Everybody knows the Van Sweringen brothers (Mantis and Oris) developed Shaker Heights and the Terminal Tower. Fewer people know they intended to use 660 acres in Hunting Valley for a golf course and clubhouse. They abandoned the idea in the mid ’20s, however, and decided to turn the land into a personal haven. They called the property Daisy Hill Farm and built Roundwood Manor from their cow barn and its twin silos.
The house was massive — with more than 20,000 square feet and 54 rooms. After World War II, in fact, the house was actually reduced, with some of the servants’ quarters being taken off as well as part of the dining room and living room (which are still huge). In a magazine article at the time, the Van Sweringens were described as “men who sought maximum comfort without any ostentatious display of wealth.” Later, the house was sold and the land subdivided. (It’s for sale again, currently for $7.5 million.)
Today, the area is still incredibly upscale, but in a laid-back way. The streets are winding and leafy, with trees and shrubs growing whichever way they please and houses tucked in here and there. More and more young families have moved in, giving new life to what’s traditionally been thought of as a sanctuary for high society.
Insiders who live here:
Corporate leaders such as KeyCorp chairman and CEO Henry Meyer, as well as old-money names like Hanna.
Appraised Value Street Square Feet # of Bedrooms # of Baths Year Built
$2.58 million Roundwood Road 8,572 4 7 1990
$2.47 million Roundwood Road 14,916 7 8 1924
$2.41 million Roundwood Road 10,598 6 9 2000
$2.1 million Topping Lane 7,126 4 6 1970
$1.99 million Crabtree Lane 8,878 4 7 2005
$1.95 million Roundwood Road 5,425 3 4 1955
$1.94 million Oxgate Lane 6,278 6 6 1953
$1.89 million Hackney Road 13,646 6 8 1980
$1.77 million Roundwood Road 8,905 6 9 1978
$1.74 million Meadow Lane 4,705 5 4 1952
$1.69 million Topping Lane 6,565 4 7 1998
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