Enclaves: Top-O-Hill Drive in Bath Township

21 single-family homes | Median appraised home value: $1.14 million
The oldest home in Top- O-Hill was built in 1982. That alone makes it unique among our 10 most exclusive neighborhoods. What sets this development apart even further — especially in traditional Northeast Ohio — are all of the contemporary-style homes. Sure, there are plenty of Tudors and colonials, but a full one-third of the houses are contemporary.

Beyond that, the neighborhood just feels different. There’s no shortage of trees and the lots are big, but the general aura is that of openness. Most of the homes are in full view. Lawns are manicured.
There is no mistaking this for the country, as is the objective in places such as Waite Hill and Hunting Valley. The homes are grand and the neighborhood impressive.
The Viewfinder
Jeff and Kathy Allen’s home has been compared to a four-star resort.
First off, there’s that clean, contemporary, crisp feeling. Then there’s the fact that nearly every room has its own balcony with a view of trees, waterfalls or ponds.
Add in the amazing sound system and actual spa, and you can see why a stay at the Allen Resort would be so special.
The couple bought the home when it was essentially an unfinished shell. It took them two years to get everything just right — from the colors of the walls (45 shades of paint were used) to the landscape lighting (there are 80 lights).
Upside down: Because of how the 8,900- square-foot house is built into a hill, you walk in on the upper level, which houses the common areas. The bedrooms are one floor below. The lower level is for socializing and has a bar, theater room and a spa.
On the walls: About a dozen flat-screen TVs, plus four dazzling paintings by Jeff’s favorite artist: Christian Lassen. Details add up: The retaining walls were built using old barn stones — about $150,000 worth.
Their embroidered pillow reads: “Life’s too short to drink bad wine.”
They love the house, but … business is taking them to Scottsdale, Ariz., where they look forward to being outside year round. If you’re interested in the $1.55 million property, call Laurie Morgan Schrank of Howard Hanna Smythe Cramer.
Insiders who live here:
Bruce Ferrini, the developer of Top-O-Hill Drive, as well as CEO, doctors and attorneys. But the neighborhood may be best known for its famous neighbor: LeBron James is building his new palace down the road.
Appraised Value Street Square Feet # of Bedrooms # of Bathrroms Year Built
$2.25 million Top-O-Hill Drive 13,914 6 7 1987
$1.93 million Round Hill Road 8,064 5 6 1994
$1.84 million Round Hill Spur 12,102 4 3 1998
$1.54 millIon Round Hill Drive 6,714 4 5 2000
$1.5 million Top-O-Hill Drive 10,210 5 6 1991
$1.32 million Round Hill Road 7,484 4 6 1994
$1.26 million Top-O-Hill Drive 5,445 4 5 1994
$1.2 million Top-O-Hill Drive 6,163 5 7 1990
$1.18 million Top-O-Hill Drive 7,525 3 5 1990
$1.17 million Top-O-Hill Drive 6,163 5 7 1990
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