Enclaves: Waite Hill

210 single-family homes Median appraised home value: $555,270
If you didn’t know Waite Hill was Waite Hill — 4.3 square miles of the most expensive homes in Lake County — you might pass right by, enjoying your drive over the rolling hills. Trees and shrubs reach their branches over the road, shielding the view of most of the homes. Deer, coyotes and turkeys run wild. When you do get a peek of a house, though, it’s lovely. Most of the homes will not dazzle you with their size (only two are bigger than 10,000 square feet), but they will impress you with their beauty.
None of this is by accident. While any type of architecture is allowed in the village, homes must be true to that style. “If you’re going to build a Georgian-style home,” says Mayor Arthur Baldwin II, “then it’s got to be a true Georgian.” Another rule requires landscaping to fit in with the rural character.
Fancy topiaries and manicured beds belong in Shaker or River, not here. The other thing that the mayor tells us is that people are quiet. In a five-minute conversation, in fact, he uses the word “private” three times.
“It’s quite conservative, not known, not on the map,” echoes real estate agent Adam Kaufman. “The people there like it that way.”
Insiders who live here:
The most prominent — and private — people in Lake County, including the fatherand- son business team of Richard and Jerome Osborne (two separate houses) and former Browns coach Sam Rutigliano. Waite Hill’s most famous ex-resident? Art Modell.
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