Grand Old Homes

These are the homes you drive by in wonder. Because you know there’s a story — many stories, actually — inside those walls. And you know there will be details that will delight you. Not a basketball court or a home spa — those belong to the flashier folks and their new construction. But lots of flourishes, from the balusters to the mantels, each of which as treated like a work of art by the owners and artisans who created it decades ago. It was a time when Cleveland was loaded with cash and the wealthy were eager to spend it on their estates. Discover the joys of Northeast Ohio’s top 200 homes built before 1940.

The floors creak. There’s a draft. And just about everyone we spoke with called their home a money pit — with a laugh, of course, although it was clear that they had felt at least a little financial pain. Read More >>

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Grand Old Homes
1 $2,797,600 County Line Road Hunting Valley 1935
2 $2,770,600 Fairmount Road Hunting Valley 1940
3 $2,504,700 West Hanna Lane Bratenahl 1910
4 $2,465,400 Roundwood Road Hunting Valley 1924
5 $2,136,900 Frazier Drive Rocky River 1912
6 $2,128,200 South Park Boulevard Shaker Heights 1921
7 $2,075,100 Hobart Road Waite Hill Village 1930
8 $1,975,000 Beach Cliff Boulevard Rocky River 1935
9 $1,969,780 Markell Road Waite Hill Village 1925
10 $1,835,000 Edgewater Drive Lakewood 1917
11 $1,812,300 Avalon Drive Rocky River 1940
12 $1,800,000 South Park Boulevard Shaker Heights 1937
13 $1,791,980 Baldwin Road Kirtland Hills Village 1865
14 $1,773,500 South Park Boulevard Shaker Heights 1921
15 $1,769,900 Fairmount Boulevard Hunting Valley 1920
16 $1,757,800 Avalon Drive Rocky River 1933
17 $1,709,800 Lake Shore Boulevard Bratenahl 1900
18 $1,661,900 Foxboro Road Gates Mills 1929
19 $1,623,200 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights 1927
20 $1,593,200 Avalon Drive Rocky River 1924
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