Lovely Landscapes

The Ohio Landscape Association is excited to announcethe winners of its 10th Annual Landscape Ohio! Landscape Enhancement Awards Program. In the pages thatfollow, you will see some of the finest landscapes recently installedin Ohio.

The Ohio Landscape Association holds the Landscape Ohio!Awards Program to increase public awareness of proper landscapedesign and installation; to emphasize how landscapes canincrease property value, add to your living space and improvethe environment; and to applaud property owners who investin quality landscapes.

This year there were 82 entries in the competition. Thirtynineawards were given in 16 categories. A panel of 10 judgesreviewed the entries over a two-day period. Projects must meetor exceed tough standards to win.

The benefits of a well-planned and executed landscape aremany. Surrounding your home with a beautiful landscape notonly improves its curb appeal, it also increases the value andmarketability of your home.

Psychologists believe that attractive landscapes play an importantrole in reducing stress, whether you are indoors or out. That's why many homeowners add outdoor rooms. Carefullyplanned landscapes can provide privacy as well as reduce noise,making outdoor space more useful.

The Ohio Landscape Association (OLA) represents approximately 500 member companies throughout Ohio. OLA is primarilyan educational organization offering continuing educationto landscape contracting companies. Its members can helpcreate a beautiful outdoor environment for you to enjoy withyour family and friends.

To help you make smart choices for your residential and commerciallandscapes or to just find seasonal tips and informationon plants, visit the OLA consumer Web site,  

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