Luxury for Less

Before you soak in all the big-ticket toys for your home (Toy Scout article), take a peek at some options that provide a taste of the high life at a manageable rate.

Champagne tastes on a beer budget, who hasn’t been there. Or maybe you just need a small touch for that guest room. Check out these four ideas for integrating little luxuries in your home.

1. Flatscreen in the Kitchen
Even if a television built into the fridge is a little too over the top, you can still enjoy top-notch LCD viewing quality while packing the kids’ lunch. Try the Sony 7-inch under-cabinet kitchen LCD TV. The unit is so slim you’ll never notice it until you want to.

2. Massage in the Bathroom
Even if your bathroom isn’t big enough for a Jacuzzi or sauna, that doesn’t mean bathing has to be business as usual. The Zoe Rain Showerhead has an 8-inch diameter and pours a relaxing deluge that’ll make Monday morning easier to face.

3. Big Sound in the TV Room
You don’t need top-dollar equipment to inject a little movie-theater quality into any television room. Philips’ 700W Home Theater System offers Dolby or DTS Surround Sound and has a subwoofer that delivers serious boom for your buck.

4. Decadence in the Bedroom
High thread count, softer-than-soft sheets have become more affordable thanks to outlet stores and Web sites such as Try an Egyptian cotton 800 thread count, solid sateen sheet set and grab some great sleep.

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