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Does your home need a spring cleaning? If your closets are out of control and your desk is in disorder, help is just a phone call away. “One hundred percent of our clients are overwhelmed. They’ve tried, but they just can’t do it themselves,” says professional organizer JoEllen Salkin. We surveyed Salkin and fellow organizers to uncover inspiration for getting organized this spring.
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Donna Beheydt
Decorate with Donna
Space planning; file, records & time management for business. Residential space & closet design, kitchens, paper & time management “Less is always more!” “Don’t wait until the clutter is overwhelming. Start small and finish where you start rather than jumping from place to place. Frustration can set in if you see no progress.”
(330) 703-7607

Rates start at $40/hour with $125 consultation fee.
Patty Clair
Keeping it Simple
Closets, garages, attics, basements, kitchens, home offices, paper, bedrooms & moving & relocation
“Organizing is ... about identifying which possessions will play a role in your life and storing those items in places [appropriate to] their usage.”
“Commit to working on [an] area for just 15 to 20 minutes a day. Over time, you will realize tremendous results, bringing a sense of peace and calm.”
(216) 214-3596

Rates start at $40/hour with a free in-home consultation.
Jamie Escola
Calm & Collected Organizing & Design
Residential, organizing with kids, paperwork & filing, photos & memorabilia
“Your home is a reflection of your inner self. By getting organized, you will find yourself more relaxed and at peace.” Write down your concerns and goals for each space. “Putting it in writing helps clear the mental clutter that often scares us away from beginning the organizing process.”
(330) 806-4620

Rates start at $45/hour with a free initial one-hour consultation.
Muffy Kaesberg
Organizing 4 U
Residential, small businesses, home-based businesses & public speaking “Making life simple.” “Maximize ... your space. Use stacking bins in a closet, hang shelves to better utilize vertical space, or clean out old files.” (216) 321-6126

Rates start at $50/hour
Bonnie Krueger
Organize Everything
Business or residential, paper, kitchens, basements, attics, garages, closets, children & time management “Getting yourself organized will give you more time for the important things in your life, like family, friends and hobbies.” “Make good use of little increments of time you have to get organized.”
(330) 466-0333

Rates start at $45/hour.
Joellen Salkin
Organizing 4 U
Residential, small businesses, home-based businesses & public speaking “Making life simple.”
“Start small. ... Focus on just one drawer or shelf at a time. The important part is to stay focused on the task at hand.”
(440) 498-1930

Rates start at $50/hour
Valentina Sgro
Sgro Consulting
Business consultations, trainings, workshops, seminars & residential consultations
“My organizing approach can improve anyone’s productivity by 20 percent.”
“Spring or summer is the perfect time for a business to hold a companywide de-cluttering day. A professional organizer can orchestrate the event to be a long-lasting success.”
(216) 283-2309

Rates start at $120/hour.
Andrea Sharb
S.O.S., Sharb Organizing Solutions
Residential organizing & home staging, life coaching, chronically disorganized, compulsive shoppers & hoarders “By holding on to old objects, you are blocking the flow of new things into your life.” — Karen Kingston “Even if you ... can’t afford to hire a professional organizer for your entire project, you may save time and money by scheduling a consultation before getting started.”
(440) 522-2980

Rates start at $50/hour.
Lisa Graziani
America’s Best Organizing Solutions
Residential organizing & public speaking
“Climb out of the clutter and into your life.” “Do the worst first. Whatever is bothering you the most is the area you should tackle first. ... Life is short — don’t waste another moment!”
(330) 571-3361

Rates start at $40/hour.
Cindy Emch
Hudson Organizing Solutions
Kitchens, basements, home offices, closets & financial bookkeeping
“Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with living and working in an uncluttered, organized environment.”
“Hire a professional to help you become organized! Also, maintain your newly organized space. Establish new routines to make sure you stay clutter-free.”
(330) 388-6866

Rates start at $45/hour.
Joanna Quandt
JMQ Professional Organizing Services
ADHD & chronic disorganization “When there is peace in your surroundings, there is peace in your heart.” -author unknown “Go to and sign up for the daily newsletter for inspiration and support.”
(330) 714-6303

Rates start at $50/hour with a 4-hour minimum.
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