Specialty Gardens

Land Creations Landscaping Inc.
Land Creations Landscaping Inc. of Columbia Station wanteda picturesque environment for the 2006 Home and GardenShow - a woodland retreat with a waterfall as its focal point.The display was an open invitation from a gardener to view hisimage of a hillside retreat. Joining him in his study, we imaginehow accent pieces, including an old wheelbarrow and a filled-tothe-brim discarded bucket, all fit into his vision of this landscape.We recognize these sentiments are elicited in great part from thejourney water makes as it winds its way through the landscape.Water flows from a rocky knoll, providing necessary moisture forpart of the display. Cascading water adds a cool, soothing tonebehind the bright array of tulips and daffodils. Moss-coveredrocks surround a pool of water below a brick walk that leadsfrom a patio to the gardener's shed. We also gain perspective regardinghow the gardener sees this space from his patio and hiswindow.

The Weidner Group
The Weidner Group of North Ridgeville brought Hollandto the Home and Garden Show with its re-creation of elementsindigenous to that country: windmills, canals and, ofcourse, tulips! The 250-foot by 95-foot theme garden was themain entrance to the 2006 show. With two windmills actingas a backdrop, Weidner Group recreated the flat terrain of thecountry, introducing canals, a lock and bike paths. More than16,000 tulip bulbs provided a stunning array of color, bringingthe theme of this garden to life.

Lifestyle Landscaping Inc.

Lifestyle Landscaping Inc. of Grafton created a Dutch motiffor its 2006 Home and Garden Show entry. A three-tieredfence with an actual windmill blade, freeform rock bubblersand planters made of stone and steel were all reminiscent ofHolland. Yet for those viewing the display, it was all about flowers.More than 900 perennials in full bloom made a colorfulstatement while 400 flats of moss added softness to 50 tons offieldstone. Roses graced the windmill fence. Blue hyacinths enhancedthe interior patio. Flowers lined the gated walkway anda streak of blue darts peaked through stone fence posts.

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