Suite Life: Place Match

Whether you focus on fitness, are all business or stay close to home, a downtown address can work for you. Take our quiz to find out what kind of urban dweller you are and use our weekend itinerary to get a glimpse of what city living looks like.
1. When you wake up in the morning you reach for _____.
A. Your running shoes
B. Your cellphone
C. Your dog's leash
D. What? I never slept.
E. The newspaper
5. Which How I Met Your Mother character do you most relate to?
A. I don't watch TV
B. Robin
C. Marshall and Lily
D. Barney
E. Ted
2. My preferred mode of transportation is _____.
A. Bike
B. Car
C. Walking
D. Limousine
E. Rapid
6. The Miley Cyrus song that best represents my life is _____.
A. "We Can't Stop"
B. "The Climb"
C. "The Best of Both Worlds"
D. "Party in the U.S.A."
E. "Wrecking Ball"
3. You can connect with me on _____.
A. Foursquare
B. LinkedIn
C. Facebook
D. Twitter
E. Instagram
7. The weather forecaster I trust most is _____.
A. Angelica Campos
B. Mark Johnson
C. Betsy Kling
D. Jeff Tanchak
E. Dick Goddard
4. On a Friday night, you'll likely find me _____.
A. Cheering at a sporting event
B. Enjoying a great meal
C. Curled up watching a movie
D. Wherever the party is
E. Listening to a lecture


Mostly A's
You're always on the go whether you're training for a marathon, pumping iron or cheering on the home team.

You live at: Euclid Block Apartments, a hip, affordable East Fourth address close to The Q, Progressive Field and a gym.

1.Gather your weekend chi with free yoga classes at the House of Blues. Leave your stress behind, but bring your own mat.

2. Hop on your bike and cycle over to Good To Go Cafe on East Ninth for a quick smoothie.

3.Swing by Hermes Cleveland to pick up your race packet for tomorrow's 5k.

4. Down a protein-packed double decker rice and beans burger ($17) at Greenhouse Tavern.

5.Score some pointers for your jump shot while watching Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Cavs at The Q.

Mostly B's

It's all about climbing the corporate ladder for you. There's no point in going somewhere unless the who's who of Cleveland will be there, too.

You live at: Bridgeview, a loft-style structure that's home to plenty of young professionals like yourself.

1.Jump-start a busy day with an espresso at Erie Island Coffee Co. on East Fourth, because your gift of gab is only present when caffeine is, too.

2.Pick up your power suit at Avon Cleaners on Superior Avenue for Monday's big meeting.

3. People-watch the West Sixth crowd at XO Prime Steaks as you cut into a juicy 24-ounce porterhouse steak. Don't worry, your expense account can handle it.

4. Order a scotch while surveying the crowd at Johnny's Downtown.

5.Multitask between tweeting, mingling and passing out your business card at a swanky charity event held at the Club at Key Center.

Mostly C's
Downtown is best experienced from your window — and when you go outside, you prefer your creature comforts close by.

You live at: Reserve Square, where you never have to leave the building for groceries, dry cleaning or even to rent a car.

1.Leash up your terrier for a walk in Perk Park, just outside your front door.

2.Buy a bouquet of lilies at 12th Street Florist, which supplies arrangements to downtown hotels and PlayhouseSquare.

3.Relax with a good book at Cleveland Public Library's Eastman Reading Garden.

4. Call in a takeout order to East Ninth Street's the Market Cafe and Wine Bar, a restaurant that likes to keep things as local as you do.

5. Swap your slippers for shoes and meet a friend for a nightcap at nearby Cowell & Hubbard.

Mostly D's

You're the life of the party, wherever that may be. Your social skills are surpassed only by your impeccable taste.

You live at: The floor-to-ceiling windows at Stonebridge Plaza provide the perfect backdrop for the posh parties you throw.

1. Wander the aisles of Constantino's Market on West Ninth, stockpiling wine and edible treats. You're always ready to bring the bash home.

2.Perfect your comedic timing with a stand-up workshop by Dave Schwensen at the Cleveland Improv.

3. Finalize the details for your next event. Stop by CLE Clothing Co. to pick up Cleveland-themed notecards and gifts for guests.

4.Take advantage of your PlayhouseSquare Broadway Series tickets and settle into your balcony seats for opening night.

5.Uncork a bottle of Dom Perignon ($220) at Lola and toast to good company.

Mostly E's
Wise historian
Your passion is the past, and you regale friends and strangers alike with tales of the good ole days.
You live at: The Osborn, a flatiron-style building that allows you to see our architectural heritage, such as the Cleveland Grays Armory Museum.
1. Dive into the breakfast buffet at the Horseshoe Cleveland and wax nostalgic about the Higbee Building.
2. Step inside the Old Stone Church to study the original Tiffany stained glass windows for your dissertation on the iconic jeweler.
3. Have a roast beef and pastrami sandwich at Otto Moser's, Cleveland's oldest restaurant.
4. Hop over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives at Tri-C to peruse the jazz and blues playbill collections featuring artists such as John Coltrane and Billie Holiday.
5. Sneak down to Society Lounge on East Fourth Street for an old fashioned that would make Don Draper blush.
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