Water Features

Land Creations Landscaping Inc.
Land Creations Landscaping Inc. of Columbia Station createda multi-sensory experience for the Home and GardenShow. It achieved the affect of water cascading from naturaltop rock to a shallow pool below. Visitors watched the water onits path down the hillside as it passed ferns, continued througha small retention pond, flowed over well-worn stones, passed alog to a shallow pool.

Bulone Brothers Landscaping Inc.
Bulone Brothers Landscaping Inc. of Aurora started this residentialproject with a simple concept. The client had initiallypictured a walkway leading to a small seating area, possibly withthe addition of a stream and a footbridge. The ultimate creationwas a far more extensive group of multi-tiered patios. Theyachieved the illusion of water trickling through a stone followingthe discovery of a stone with an existing hole on one side (theother side was drilled later). In fact, every stone in this projectwas cut, rock faced and had its edges ground. A bridge leadingwalkers through a meandering path in the woods was introduced,as were 17,000 gallons of water per hour flowing into a pondlesssystem. Sandstone walls and columns were added. A holding areawhere the water flows and the stream ends was transformed intoa waterfall visible from within the home. For effect, lighting becamean integral part of the project, as were lush plantings.

American Beauty Landscaping
American Beauty Landscaping of Boardman created a waterfallthat feeds into a Koi pond for their clients' multilevelterraced home. The effect not only provides a wonderfulbackground for entertaining but becomes a focal point for thehomeowners and their 16 grandchildren. The 4-foot-wide waterfalldrops 5 feet into a small basin, tumbling over rapids intothe main pond. The overall look, enhanced by boulders andplantings, is aesthetically pleasing from all levels.

JTS Landscaping
JTS Landscaping of Seville helped its client of 12 years toachieve a desired look with a water feature designed as anatural enhancement to their 2-acre lake, wooded setting andneighboring hillside. A waterfall splashing against the rocksnext to the patio area looks and sounds relaxing to those inthe dining area and in the kitchen as well. Water flows past twopatios, a gazebo, under a paver block bridge and into the lake.


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