Rating the Suburbs - Amherst

Timothy Kiedrowski, 53
Owner of Kiedrowski’s Bakery
Everything you see here has been made in the last 14 hours. Since we’re a fresh bakery, I can’t make everything ahead of time like they do at the supermarket.

I was a great baker
, a great baker, but I didn’t know much about business.

says their buttercream frosting is the best, but I can say mine is the best in the world. It took me three years to get it right. A little more of this, a little less of that.

My claim
to fame is that I did the 50th anniversary cake for the cast and crew ofIt’s a Wonderful Life in 1996. I live by that: You never know how one person can affect someone’s life. So I called them up and volunteered to bake the cake.

I love Amherst.
Anybody who has grown up here knows it’s kind of like the Bedford Falls of Ohio.

If you’ve never
been here, you should go see the downtown. You have that feeling of stepping back in time. Go to Olde Town Pizza or the Moosehead Grill. Try the chicken tortilla soup or the babyback ribs.

I know
the pay periods of all the big employers in the area. You have to know when everyone gets paid.

I cannot
get anyone from Avon and east to come this way. I want people to know the world does not end at Bay Village.

My favorite
is the Snoogle, my invention. It’s a long Polish pastry wrapped up with sweetened cream cheese inside and finished with a butter glaze. Would you like to try it?

We’re busier
than we’ve ever been.

I want people
to feel like they’re coming into an old-time store. I know everybody’s name. On Saturdays, we have an accordion player and give out toast and coffee.
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