Rating the Suburbs - Bay Village

John Lanigan, 66
host of Majic 105.7’s Lanigan and Malone Show.
I’ve lived here the longest of anyplace I’ve ever lived in my life.

Bay has every class of people you could think of. Houses here go from $100,000 to several million.

When I moved here from Florida, I was basically looking to live on the lake. The Realtor would show us all kinds of places and afterward we would go talk about them at her boyfriend’s house on the lake. “You know, this is the house I like best,” I told him. He said, “I’ll sell it to you.” And he did. The house was built in 1895. It’s a wonderful old house, and it would be really hard to get rid of it. I would miss it terribly if I ever moved.

On Sunday mornings, Little Bit [my dog] and I get up and walk to get a paper and a coffee, then go over to Heinen’s to get something for breakfast. It’s just beautiful in the mornings.

I love to throw my kayak on top of the Jeep and head out to Lake Erie. I’m in the water in five minutes.

If I go into the hardware store, Russell will say, “What do you need?” and get it for me. Hell, he’ll come to the house if I need him.

I can lay in bed at night and see downtown Cleveland on one side and the lake on the other.

I’ve had job offers to go to other places. I’m not interested.

Yes, the taxes are high here, but you get something for it. I don’t really have any problems with it. I wish they were lower, but I pay them.

Bay’s a simple city to live in.
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