Rating the Suburbs - Brecksville

Bob Bailey, 56
owner of the Courtyard Café
I moved here 13 years ago and bought the Courtyard. Living here, you feel like you’re part of a community that knows you and cares about you. They want you to succeed.

The mayor is accessible
. ... He was in for lunch on Tuesday as a matter of fact.

There’s not
a lot of room for growth. I wouldn’t imagine there’s more than about a 100 or so lots still available in Brecksville to build on.

I enjoy biking
, hiking on the weekends, and you don’t have to go very far. You can go down Snowville Road, and you’re right in the national park.

As a business owner
, the median income drew me to this area. ... In the down economy, we’re still, as of last week, even with last year’s sales.

The restaurant has
been here 26 years this year. I have employees who have been here 22 or 23 years. I’m talking more than one or two. I’m talking about 12 or 15.

The biggest problem
I have is trying to change my menu. People have their favorites.

The bad flood
we had a couple years ago, that was right behind us. The fire department came around to make sure everyone was taken care of, that everyone was OK, that we weren’t flooding. You really feel like they truly care.

City Council
has a very clear vision of what they want Brecksville to be. They don’t want it to be Chagrin Boulevard. They don’t want it to be Fairlawn. They don’t want a Crocker Park here. They don’t want a Legacy Village here. They want to protect downtown. They always want there to be a downtown.

You have 90
percent of what you need here. If I need to go to Walmart, I’m more than happy to drive 15 minutes.

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