Rating the Suburbs - Broadview Heights

Ron Ganim, 63
co-owner of Gymnastics World
More than 40 families have moved into Broadview Heights or Brecksville because of us. Their first concern is which gym is going to be suitable for their son or daughter. They base their home-buying on that. My first selling point is the schools. Our school district is second to none. My next point is the value for their taxes.

We have brought nine state championships [to the high school]. We have won six in a row, eight out of the last ten. We are the winningest sport in the community. But the top sport is whichever one someone’s child is in.

The big thing when a child starts gymnastics is they have a dream. Having it is one thing, knowing how to get there is another. The primary thing this sport teaches is the process it takes to be good. They learn how to set little goals.

We help develop great citizens. Our kids don’t get in trouble. They are great students.

My daughter and her husband bought a house six doors up the street. It says they are perfectly happy wanting to stay there and bring their own children up in the same neighborhood.

I think the perception a lot of people have is if you can’t buy a home in Brecksville, you can go to Broadview Heights; it’s almost as good. But I believe that is changing. Not because Brecksville isn’t still a fine community. Because Broadview Heights is improving.

Our people care. One time when my son was 12, he was riding his bike to the gym, and he fell and hit his head. The neighbors all came out and helped him and called us.

Broadview Heights people appear to be happy with what we have. I see the services improving. The government is so much better than it ever was.
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