Rating the Suburbs - Brunswick

Hector Marinaro, 44
Former forward for the Cleveland Crunch and sales associate for Inflatable Images
I was born in Toronto, Canada. I’ve lived in Brunswick since 1997.

I don’t think
we could have found a better school district. Principal Dennis Haft at Crestview Elementary — the guy’s just an amazing human being, and his teachers are awesome. Every morning, he’ll stand at the front door and greet every kid. He knows every kid, every parent. I have trouble remembering five people’s names.
Everybody bleeds the Brunswick blue and white.

My wife is
from Palm Springs, Calif. When I retired from playing in 2004, we could have moved to Palm Springs. It was just our neighbors and all our kids’ friends that kept us here. We felt we couldn’t find a better community to live in.

My neighbor’s
40 years old. He suffered a massive stroke a month and a half ago. In 12 years, anytime a family was in need, everybody pitched in. My friend is going through a huge recovery, and he’s got two little kids, 9 and 7.

Every day, one
family in the neighborhood is cooking dinner so his wife doesn’t worry. The neighbors are picking up the kids and taking them to practice.

There’s not a
whole lot to see in Brunswick, but it’s a great place to live. Brunswick is a real simple town, not very flashy. I’m a jeans-and-golf-shirt kind of guy. It suits me pretty well.

I was looking
at a home in a development in Strongsville and a development in Brunswick. The exact same home was $60,000 more in Strongsville. Exact same home, and I got more land. It’s a no-brainer.

We had just
had our first child. Paying an extra $60,000 just to live in Strongsville didn’t make sense. I was living in Strongsville at the time, and they had just built the mall. Traffic was crazy.

A lot of the other
communities that have their noses up a little higher, they do know it as “Brunstucky.” I make fun of it myself. People can call it whatever they want. People that call it Brunstucky, we don’t necessarily want them in Brunswick.
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