Rating the Suburbs - Chester Township

Michael Albino, 48
owner of Guido’s Pizza
People who work outside Chester go to their offices in nice button-up shirts and ties but come home to put on flannel shirts.

This is the first rural suburb. We like having our land.

My dad’s friendstold me they thought my dad was crazy opening a business out in the sticks. Turns out it was a good gamble.

My father was a baker before he bought a pizzeria. Our crust is real light and crispy.

We take personal checks. I don’t think anyone still does that. And we never have a problem. That tells you a lot about the people.

Yeah, you’re close to the city and those conveniences, but you’re also close to Chardon Square, Burton and Middlefield, all beautiful small towns. All unique.

When people call us a rural community, they’re right, but I don’t think they realize howniceit is to be in a rural community.

It’s not changing. No cluster housing. No apartments. No small lots. You’re protected from it turning into a big city. You’ll always have more of a rural atmosphere because of the zoning laws.

I wish there were a prettier center of town with sidewalks, crosswalks and curbs. That would be a big plus.

It’s always the same people making the pizza. My father showed me. I showed my kids. We’re still making it the same way 47 years later, always made by a member of the family.

Sausage. We make homemade sausage. We cut the meat right here and grind it here.

Sundays we’re closed. It would be a great day to be open, but as a family we had to draw a line. People here respect that.

Growing up, it seemed like Chesterland was so much farther out than it is now. I don’t think people think of Chesterland as so far away. It’s not the boonies anymore.

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