Rating the Suburbs - Euclid

Kandace Jones, 52
City councilwoman

A year prior to me running for council, if you had asked me was I going to be in a political position, I would have said, “No, that’s not me.” I didn’t think I fit into that mold, because you have to be out in the public view. I consider myself a quiet, reserved person.

People see me on TV at the meetings. They’ll come up to me like I know them and start talking to me. Sometimes I’m thinking,Do I know them from somewhere?

In the summer, we were going to the farmers market every Friday to hear the music and get something to eat. They have chefs for hire and live music, a different band playing each week. I remember one Friday, we weren’t there, and afterward people were asking, “Where were you? We didn’t see you Friday!” People have gotten to know my family

I look at other suburbs
, and what I like about Euclid is I don’t live right on the lake, but I’m close enough to the lake — I’m close enough to the lake that I can go there easily. I go to Kenneth J. Sims Park.

The southeast side of Euclid, for a long time, has been perceived as a negative area. And that’s not true. I have no problem walking down the street at night. In the early morning, a neighbor and I will go for a 2-mile walk in the morning, sometimes before it’s light out.

We have
an orchestra, the Euclid Orchestra. It’s been around more than 40 years, I think.

Euclid is a very big baseball city, with the Euclid Boys League running programs and activities. There’s a lot of adult baseball leagues. We have the Softball Hall of Fame. My son played in the boys league when he was younger. My son was, and still is, a sports fanatic: baseball, football, basketball.
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