Rating the Suburbs - Fairview Park

Tom Becker, 39
owner of Becker’s Donuts and Bakery
The city seems to be reinvesting money into its businesses and community. They tore down a motel and gas station within the last month. That’s a good sign. They’re recognizing these things are eyesores, and they’re getting rid of them.

There are
subtle changes. They put benches along the sidewalks. The benefits of that is if you’re walking along with your family, going to the local shops, you can stop and sit there. They’re catering to the people. Making it more of a comfort feeling.

There is
such a saturation of family-owned businesses here. That’s what separates it from other places. Down the street there’s Kim’s Martial Arts. I went there when I was in kindergarten. And I went to school with one of the Kims. It’s those kind of places that separate it from other places.

That’s the
thing about the community: People stay.

Becker’s Donuts
was here from 1958 to 1988. I have seven uncles that were all in the business. We closed in May of ’88 and reopened in the original spot in 2006.

When we opened
, we had a line out the door. A lot of people who knew my mother and father came back.

George Steinb
rennerused to come in here. He was a guy who was very particular about what he does and has a routine. One of his things was once he got in town, he had to come here and get cinnamon rolls.

Westgate was
one of the first open-air malls. That ground is historic and should have a marker there. So to see its growth — it was changed from open-air and covered, and now they re-transformed it into something to keep up with what’s going on at Crocker Park and other places around the city.

The cabin
at Bain Park. When my daughter was small, I would take her down there on Sundays, and we’d walk through. It’s real peaceful. You don’t need swings or a playground or anything like that. It’s just such a nice spot to walk.
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