Rating the Suburbs - Garfield Heights

Darrin “Nothing” Lewis, 19
guitarist and vocalist of Vintage Manifest
The stage name came from a book. Lost Souls. It’s a vampire novel.

It’s over blown. I feel safe walking down the street at night. That’s about as safe as you can ask for. I’ve never had any problems, and I’ve lived there all my life.

If you’re going to live near a big city like Cleveland, I would want to live in a place like Garfield. It can be quiet if you want to be quiet, but there’s always something going on here. You could go to downtown Cleveland, but you don’t have to.

The school district is better than most people imagine it would be. The teachers try to help the students. They’ll do anything.

There were times I was having trouble and my art teachers sat me down and told me if I need help with classes, come to them. Math. History. What have you. They helped me get through school.

Teachers come to my shows. The principal came to one concert.

We consider ourselves horror metal. We put on the makeup and put on a full theatrical stage show. It’s a really heavy metal sound, but we include electronic and industrial influences. We include clips from movies.

Garfield Heights Metropark is where a lot of our friends hang out. We play baseball there.

There area lot of little shops that always seem to come and go in Garfield. A shop just opened called Super Deluxe. I guess you’d call it an underground art exhibit.

The police can be a hassle. But even though the police can be overwhelming at times, I like that. It shows how it actually is a safe place.
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