Rating the Suburbs - Mayfield Heights

Dr. Scott Alperin, 60
oral surgeon
My wife and I were living in Pepper Pike. Our children were out of the house, and we wanted to downsize. So we started looking at various options — staying in Pepper Pike and getting a smaller ranch house or moving to Gates Mills or one of the surrounding communities. But there really weren’t the housing options in those areas that Mayfield Heights offered. We live in a cluster home now, right off of S.O.M. Center Road in a new development.

I’m an avid cyclist
— I ride over 5,000 miles a year on a bicycle. I really wanted to be near the Metroparks and the rural areas, meaning anything east of SOM Center Road.

My new
dental building is right next to the Mayfield-Lyndhurst post office. It’s one of the largest independent, freestanding dental complexes in the United States. There were actually four of us that got together and implemented it. But there are 11 dental practices in the complex — 15 dentists — and we all have part-ownership in it.

The main thing
that sets Hillcrest Hospital apart is that we’ve got some of the best private practice doctors in Cleveland, and we also have the benefit of being a Cleveland Clinic affiliate.

The main reason
I chose this whole area to live and work 32 years ago is that I never wanted to get an emergency call and think to myself, Oh, man, it’s 40 minutes to work.

Something that’s missing in
Mayfield Heights? Movie theaters. The movie theater at Eastgate was a big loss. I think it was the economy and the Mayfield Road construction project that put them out of business. That was one of the most poorly implemented projects to walk the face of the earth. A fifth-grader could have put a better plan together for the Mayfield Road corridor. And of course, we’ve still got one more season of it.
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