Rating the Suburbs - Mayfield Village

Dave Perout, 53
Parkview pool manager
My son goes to school in Florida. When people ask him where he’s from, he says, “Well, if you’ve ever watchedLeave It to Beaver, you know [the Cleavers] lived in Mayfield. That’s where I come from — that’s what it’s like.”

There was
a gentleman who died two years ago — he was Santa for 30 years. The village is a place where people step up to do what they need to do. It was one of those times for me to step up. I guess because I’m big, a little portly. Santa goes out on the fire truck every year for pictures and to hand out popcorn balls, usually the first or second Saturday in December.

We stop
wherever there are kids. Hopefully we hit every street.

I’ll get up
at 5 o’clock in the morning, and the streets are cleared of snow already. If you’re having a party, the service department has chairs and tables they loan — they drop them off and pick them up.

A lot of
the village is Cleveland Metroparks. So when the village bought the golf course, we added even more green space.

I would like
to see a new police station. I know they’re working on it, but the bids just aren’t coming in where they need to be. The current police station is the basement of the old Village Hall.

One of our police sergeants
died last year, and it hit a lot of people. You’d walk into Heinen’s, and somebody would say, “Did you hear Sgt. Doug died?” Because he’d be in Heinen’s, talking to everybody.
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