Rating the Suburbs - Moreland Hills

Dino Palmieri, 53
owner of Dino Palmieri Salon & Spa and owner/developer of Palmieri Enterprises
The way I look at it, Moreland Hills is like Pepper Pike but with two-acre lot minimums instead of one.

We have coyotes in our yard. I’ve seen fox. I’ve seen turkey and snapping turtle. My dog has been attacked three times by opossums or raccoons. I have a Shar Pei, and he likes to fight. A couple of times he killed a raccoon. That’s very hard to do.

I have so much faith in Moreland Hills. We have two houses going up there right now. Even in these tough times, Moreland Hills is still attractive. The biggest problem is people have to sell their own homes.

In the last 20 years, we have built maybe 25 to 30 homes in Moreland Hills.

It’s a smaller community. Places like Solon are already too big. In Moreland Hills, you can actually walk into City Hall, and you pretty much know everybody that is involved.

There is virtually no crime here. The police are right there all the time.

The beauty business is not as affected by this economy as the building business. Once they have a good person who does their hair, they will sacrifice not going to the restaurant before they give up their hair.

Women with highlights are like women on heroin. They don’t give it up.

I don’t think it’s that much old money. It’s not like Hunting Valley. I’d say it’s mixed, but more newer money.
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