Rating the Suburbs - North Royalton

Mary Ann Winkowski, 61
paranormal investigator
We didn’t have to go that far to find what’s right here.

It’s just peaceful. It’s just quiet. It’s not the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

My life’s exciting enough. I’m in New York promoting my books and L.A. for the TV show [CBS’sGhost Whisperer]. New York City is so loud. It’s just nice to come back to quiet. You can leave your patio door open all night long and listen to the frogs, and no one’s going to do anything.

We’re 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland. North Royalton just seemed smack dab in the middle. From my house, I can walk to the center of North Royalton, but nothing’s really far.

I don’t get bugged. The residents give me my privacy, which I like.

North Royalton is rural and still a city. It wasn’t like living in the concrete jungle, either. It was pretty. North Royalton is very friendly toward people that live here. If you want to be involved, you can. You can drive anywhere and still see a stand of trees.

I would take someone to Carrie Cerino’s for supper. Their calamari is to die for.

I did clear their place. They’ve only got my picture and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s picture in the lobby.

There are some towns that have a lot more ghosts than North Royalton does. It’s pretty ordinary.

There’s not a lot of negative energy in the area. For the most part, unless you’re 15 cars back in the line at the bank, people just aren’t crabby.

Maybe because
I’m older, things don’t bother me as much. When I’m home, I enjoy it.
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