Rating the Suburbs - Olmsted Township

Sarah Ginty, 19
ice cream manager at Swings-N-Things
I’m the ice cream manager. I oversee our staff and make sure everything goes well, that everyone is being courteous, that the customers are enjoying themselves.

It’s all homemade
ice cream. We make it right here at Swings-N-Things every morning. We have two certified ice cream makers.

The cake batter
ice cream. It tastes like you’re eating a giant piece of cake. It’s delicious.

A lot of the people
who live in Olmsted Township grew up together. My family moved here in 2004, but they welcomed me as if I lived here my entire life.

Olmsted Township
really doesn’t have much. We have Swings-N-Things and the IGA. But we’re a developing community, so everybody is very welcoming in the sense that they want more people to come to Olmsted Township, want more places to go.

If you’re
tall enough to ride the go-carts, that seems to be the most fun.

a lot of young people hang out here. You see all your neighbors come in to play and have fun. We have a thing called a starlight rate. The rate drops down past 6 p.m., and you can ride unlimited go-carts.

Work to me
isn’t a job. It’s more just a place to have fun in. It really is. I’m going to miss it when I leave.

It’s nice
when an elderly couple comes up together to get ice cream and say they’ve been coming here as long as they can remember. We have their orders memorized.

There’s a very fine line between Olmsted Township and Olmsted Falls. We share the same zip code.
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