Rating the Suburbs - Orange Village

Wendy Scott-Koeth, 40
youth theater coordinator
Who knew this would be my passion and my career? It’s not what I went to school for ... it just ended up being, I guess, my calling. However you want to put it, here I am.

It’s in the midst of all of these other great communities. You just drive down the street and now you’re in Chagrin Falls. You drive down the street and now you’re at Legacy Village. And that doesn’t mean Orange itself doesn’t have great things, too, but if you want to branch out and experience those things, you just can’t go wrong.

We usually have about 120 kids per show. I definitely got some gray hairs along the way with that one.

Many of the families who live in the district could afford to send their kids to private school, but many of them choose to send their kids to Orange. That was kind of an eye-opener to us. That does say a lot.
One of my students, he’s on Broadway right now inHair. He calls to say, “My opening night’s tonight, and I just called to tell you that without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I thank you.” I’m like,please. I can’t believe you would take time out of your busy life to callme.

We wanted a place where home felt like a vacation almost. I love to get a cup of coffee and go out on the porch and see all the trees and the nature, and we’ve got woods in the back and a place for our son to grow up. You know, kid stuff. Run around, get muddy, go in the woods, have a sandbox, the whole nine yards.

I want to get a dog. And my son, Liam, wants to get a dog. We just have to work on Dad. You can’t have property and not have a dog!
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