Rating the Suburbs - Pepper Pike

Dr. Dale A. Kates, 46
You have neighbors, but they are not right on top of you. We have nothing against neighbors, but we liked the idea that it is your choice to interact with the neighbors; it isn’t something you are forced to do each day.

My wife and I used to live in D.C., and the 495 beltway was a nightmare. One of the things we said when we moved to Cleveland was that we would not want a commute longer than 15 minutes. Pepper Pike is in the middle of my practices, which makes it a good, logistical choice for me.

The trash man literally comes to your back door.

For a weekend day with the kids, we’ll put the bikes in the car and take them to the Pepper Pike Park. There are some great trails out there that we will put the kids on.

When you say “Pepper Pike,” people tend to think of the residents being ... I don’t if the word is “highbrow” or “stodgy”? I think the perception could be that people seem to be entitled or something of that nature. But you come across some wonderful friends here, which debunks the myth. When we moved here, our surrounding neighbors had a brunch for us to welcome us into the neighborhood, and that didn’t happen when we were in University Heights.

To give visitors a taste of Pepper Pike, I would probably take them to our local park to enjoy the scenery. ThenI would bring them back to our house to have a wonderful cocktail in the privacy of our backyard.

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