Rating the Suburbs - Richmond Heights

Lynda Rossiter, 55
city finance director and board member of the Greenwood Farms Association
It was established in 1917, which is the same year the city was established. It’s an old family piece of property.

The topography of it. It’s just gorgeous.

There was a contractor that was going to pave the road with bricks, but he went out of business shortly after he started. So the Phypers family, being the enterprising people they are, gathered up the bricks and used them on their house. So those are really paving bricks on the foundation of the farmhouse.

We’ve had our financial challenges, and our police department felt the brunt of those challenges this last year. We’re really working to get some of them back, but in order to balance our budget we had to let a number of them go.

We have a lot of ravines. So that gives us a lot of opportunity for skunks and raccoons and stuff like that. Sometimes they don’t differentiate between building a nest under a deck and building their nest in a cave or someplace like that.

The mall. It just makes it easy to fulfill my shopping needs that I have. The variety that it has there is perfect for the average person: It doesn’t have the high-end stores that you walk into and can’t even afford to look at the stuff.

I think the place that has the most attention right now would be the Cuyahoga County Airport. The county has developed a master plan for it, and the options they have selected for it aren’t in the best interests of Richmond Heights and the surrounding cities.

It would involve moving Richmond Road and making a big bow in the road, and possibly Bishop Road. And the big concern for the residents is that if the runway is expanded, there will be increased traffic and larger airplanes that have increased noise to them.
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