Rating the Suburbs - Sagamore Hills

Vonda Ward, 36
personal fitness trainer and professional boxer
I started training 10 years ago. I like helping people every day. It’s a good feeling to see them reach their goals.

Legs. Most clients don’t like working them out. We need to push people. But you feel good when you’re done.

It’s a stress reliever.

I grew up
in Northfield Village, and I always passed through Sagamore Hills to get to the Metroparks and the Towpath. I loved the area and the houses.

Almost everyday.
Running, taking the dogs on a walk, hiking.

The Bike & Hike actually goes through Sagamore Hills. It’s the main attraction if you’re an outdoors person. It goes for miles and miles. It’s within walking distance from where I live.

The town built
a new park. It’s great for kids. It’s got a baseball field, a soccer field, space to rent out.

I like to go for a jog, then get some friends, pack a lunch and have lunch out in the park.

There’s a lot of shopping in surrounding communities — Brecksville, Macedonia. If it’s not in Sagamore Hills, you don’t have to go very far.

I wish we had a Dunkin’ Donuts. Or if we could get a clothing store that would be nice.

Actually, an athletic store that caters to outdoor activities — hiking, biking, riding — would be perfect.

It’s been a while since my last fight. It’s getting harder to get a fight. My record is good — the money is just not there because of the economy.

Training, up to the fight, is so intense. But walking into the ring, you’re totally focused that you don’t realize there’s anything around you.

It’s time to move on to the next thing. One of my true passions is to be a fire fighter/paramedic. I love it.
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