Rating the Suburbs - Sheffield Lake

Jim Sprague, 48
president of the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Cardinal Band Boosters
Sometimes we tend to get lost between Avon and Elyria.

We need an identity. There isn’t one thing you can say we’ve got that everyone says, “Oh yeah, you’re in Sheffield.” We’re missing something that makes us stand out from other communities.

Sheffield Lake is in the process of a big plan for the Shoreway shopping center, using renewable energy, wind power and some turbines that will offer a nice view of Lake Erie. It should be a nice showpiece when it’s all said and done. The biggest asset Sheffield Lake has is the lake, so try and take advantage of that, and revitalize the one commercial shopping area you have for the entire city.

The schools are right-sized for a variety of students to participate. The athletics aren’t necessarily the most competitive, but there are a lot of choices — a lot of good choices. The bands and arts are strongly emphasized.

The high school probably has in the neighborhood of 600 kids. During any given year, there may be anywhere from 90 to 110 students that participate in the band. There tends to be a lot of pride exhibited toward the arts. Because of that, I think our kids are getting a better education all around.

We live close to a lot of commercial areas. We’re removed to where I don’t hear it, but close enough that I can reach the grocery store, restaurants or retail. I’m less than five minutes from the highway. I like the ambience of being in a small town but still having the proximity to the big stuff. I have the best of both worlds.
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