Rating the Suburbs - South Euclid

The Rev. Stephen Callos, 55
priest at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral
I was a little ambivalent about moving to South Euclid. I had heard mixed reviews of the schools. When we bought this house, it was a choice between here and Mayfield Heights. Sometimes I will be in church all day but have to go back in the evening for a church service. Living here meant that I could come home for dinner.

There’s a charm to the older homes. When we were house hunting, we used to just drive down Belvoir Boulevard and drool. There are some great modern homes, vintage 1930s homes and 1950s bungalows.

When the kids were younger, I wasn’t anywhere near on top of my yard. Tony, my neighbor, would come over and mow or throw some fertilizer around.

Housing in South Euclid has not appreciated like in the farther-out suburbs. I don’t know whether it’s the greatest investment, but you have to balance that against convenience.

I just love that I can get to an Indians game in 20 minutes and get out really fast.

You have Little Italy down the street and all the nice restaurants on Lee and Coventry. I am not a mall person, but you have Beachwood right down the road.

You can still walk to Bill’s on Mayfield and get breakfast.

Being a church in this area is really great in some ways. People come to the fish fries, and they watch out for our place. Policemen will call when the door is unlocked.

In the old days, our churches were the church of the Greeks, Russians and Serbs, and we take care of our own, but now we need to reach into the community. If they need eyeglasses for the kids, we come up with some money to pay for eyeglasses.

More than 100 houses on our little three-block street. This neighborhood is made for Halloween.
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