Rating the Suburbs - Willoughby

Terry Reagan, 71
Treasurer of Willoughby Brewing Co.
And there’s Arabica Coffee shop, where people hang out. In fact, the city leaders usually meet there on Saturdays and just talk to anybody who’s interested in having a casual conversation about what’s going on in the city.

We’ve owned three
different houses in Willoughby. We’ve never thought about leaving.

Willoughby has
about 2 miles of lakefront: About half a mile is Osborne Park, and the rest is residential. That part used to be a summer cottage community.

The house
we live inright now used to be owned by the people who owned Euclid Beach.

I was controller
of a manufacturing company that had been in Willoughby for 50 years. It was a family-owned business run by two brothers from Cuyahoga County down on Industrial Parkway.

I think one reason
the brewery is successful here is that the downtown is a destination. You can come down here and there’s Ballantine, Mullarkey’s, and if it’s busy at one spot, you can move around.

This building
is 100 years old. We have some pictures on the wall from when this building was used to repair engines by the railroad. One of them is of a train wreck, and there are kids standing with the wreckage. About two or three years ago, one of the people in the picture was in here. He was about 85.

Lost Nation Airport.
There’s concern over when its lease is up as to whether the county should take it over or not. But a lot of local businesses use it. And I think the airport is an important part of the city.

One of the
biggest complaints we get is if the toy train isn’t running overhead. It’s the first thing people notice.

We’re next door
to Mentor, and I’m hardly ever there because there are so many things you can do right here.
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