Rating the Suburbs 2013: Residential Advisers

Go above and beyond with these tips from some of Northeast Ohio's notable neighbors

"Each morning, my wife and I have an undeclared race to the end of the driveway with our neighbor to see who can bring the other's newspaper to the front door first. If you are capable of helping another person, then you should to the best of your ability."

Sherrod Brown
U.S. senator and Avon resident

"My favorite neighbor shows her love through baking. When I was going through a rough time, I came home and there was a plate of chocolate chip cookies on my step. She inspires me to do more. I'll pull my neighbors' trash to the driveway and get their mail when they're gone."

Danita Harris
NewsChannel 5 anchor and Mentor resident

"I'm a firm believer in what comes around goes around. If I can do my part, I believe that someday someone will do it for me. I like to leave little unexpected surprises for my neighbors. Like, they'll wake up one morning and their driveway's been shoveled."

Dante Boccuzzi
chef and Broadview Heights resident

"When our neighbor had a new baby, my husband and I would check in on her on the nights her husband had to work late. Really great neighbors can be like an extension of family, and families pitch in to support one another."

Sari Feldman
Cuyahoga County Public Library executive director and Shaker Heights resident

"We just moved to Cleveland Heights in August. Even though we are all different ages, everyone has been super-welcoming to us. We also have urban chickens. So, we in turn, will return the kind favor. My kids will run eggs over to my neighbor, or my son's friend's family."

Amelia Sawyer
Chef's Widow blogger and Cleveland Heights resident

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