The best holiday decorations are inflatable

Oh, you’re a mouthy bunch. Loads of you wrote in to criticize the giant Santas and snow globes that litter our lawns in December. You must be the spotlight-and-a-wreath type.
While I don’t want to get into the whole “what’s the holiday season about” argument, I will say that one of the things the holidays are about is the wonderment and joy of children. Did you ever see a 3-year-old ride by a house with a single candle in each window and gasp? Does the greenery that frames your front door ever excite a child to ask when Santa will be here?
Before you think I’m taking this personally, let me add that I have never had an inflatable in my yard. Why? Too lazy. Which is all the more reason to appreciate the folks in my neighborhood who spend several weekends setting up a scene that takes my child’s breath away.
Come on, Scrooge. Not everything needs to be elegant.
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