2009 Best of Cleveland

If you need more reasons to love our city, we’ve got a few of our favorite things to spare. From a diner revival to lawn decorations to funky rings, here are the kingpins of Cleveland.

Find out where to bowl in high style, check out our favorite diner revival and where to throw one back 1979 style (hint: there’s an Asteroids machine).

Here’s where to get homemade pies that’ll give your mother a complex, out-of-the-ordinary truffles and salsa we’ve contemplated drinking like a milkshake.

We endorse a basil-infused martini, the city’s new small-batch brewery and a Tequila tasting you’ll remember (in a good way).

Where to find funky rings collected from throughout the world, the best Cleveland T-shirts and a great West Side skate shop.

Check out cover bands that specialize in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, a great sled riding hill and a secret getaway designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

A bathroom where you’re encouraged to write on the walls, an ATM made to look like an Amish buggy and a lobster dinner you have to catch yourself — any of these sound normal to you? 

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