The Best of Cleveland - Artificial Wilderness

Neither rain nor wind nor snow will keep the bikers from Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park. The only one of its kind, Ray’s has expanded since opening its old warehouse doors in 2004 and now boasts 103,000 square feet of courses, stunts and obstacles. Reminiscent of an oversize wooden jungle gym, a half-mile cross-country course spans the park’s perimeter with bridges, berms and rises into the rafters. Muted green walls, overhead skylights, rocks and logs simulate an outdoor mountain-biking terrain. With sections separated by skill level, beginners and professionals alike can find their niche. This season, expect more obstacles, comfortable lounge areas and a variety of courses for an experience owner Ray Petro describes as “build your own ride.” 9801 Walford Ave., Cleveland; (216) 631-7433;
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