The Best of Cleveland - Green Furnishings

A tattered floorboard from a 1880s St. Clair Superior neighborhood schoolhouse lies in a workshop, awaiting its next stage in life. After some stripping and shaving, a beautiful grain is revealed. Soon, it will be repurposed as a cutting board, wine rack, chopping block, lamp, table or chair. The self-proclaimed “urban lumberjacks,” better known collectively asA Piece of Cleveland, take wood and other materials from houses and buildings set to be razed and transform them into something new. “It’s a labor of love, because we know the material is worth it,” says Chris Kious, one of the four members of APOC. “The wood we find is irreplaceable.” Each piece comes with a rebirth certificate with stories on where the materials came from, who lived or worked there and whether the place was a shop, factory or house. “We want to share the legacy of the history of where this wood came from,” says Kious. 1440 E. 36th St. (Sixth Floor), Cleveland; (216) 502-2095;
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