The Best of Cleveland - Ice Cream Treat

We were a little hesitant — but definitely intrigued — by our first encounter with thewine-flavored ice cream from the Grill at Debonné Vineyards. We were not alone, says Cindy Lindberg, who spends each summer making batches of the odd concoction, 15 cups at a time. “Some people are leery about it, but once they taste it, it’s all good,” she says. Lindberg says the idea came from just “substituting some of the stuff with wine” in a recipe she found on the Internet. And the vintage we are eating? Debonné’s River Blanc, a sweet wine with fruity, fresh grape aromas and lingering flavors. Combined with the creaminess of the ice cream, it’s a treat that paid off on a hot summer afternoon.7743 Doty Road, Madison; (440) 466-3485;
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