The Best of Cleveland - Mural

It’s big, racy and perhaps the loudest thing in the pretty sleepy neighborhood of Tremont (knocking off the former frontrunner, the Guinness toucan down at the Treehouse). Actually, it’s a she. The gal with the olive eyes, who’s graced the brick wall of806 Martini & Wine Bar since mid-summer, has been getting her fair share of attention around town — and for good reason. She lounges the entire length of the two-story fire escape, wears very little (she sports an exposed garter and high heels), poses very provocatively and draws the eye of every passerby. “The mural is the essence of 806,” says owner and partner Jason Beudert. “[The artist] made it an icon to Tremont, created a little buzz.” You can thank painter Mike McNamara for Tremont’s most jubilant pieces of art: He created both the lady and the bird. 806 Literary Road, Cleveland
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