The Best of Cleveland - Rebounding Neighborhood

What’s it take to officially decide a new part of the city makes your mental list of urban hot spots? Perhaps a top chef’s new restaurant? Check: Luxe, Marlin Kaplan’s new creation on Detroit Avenue. A new housing development? Yep: Battery Park, near an old factory powerhouse on the bluff above the Shoreway. A quirky new store? How about a spot named Kitsch City? A bar or cafe to relax in? We’ve got two bars for you (though you may have trouble keeping them apart in your mind): The Reddstone and Stone Mad. For coffee, Gypsy Beans and Baking at Detroit and West 65th. Arts and entertainment? The Cleveland Public Theatre, a longtime performing-arts destination, will soon become part of a three-theater complex, including the eventual new home of the Near West Theatre and $7 million conversion of the 87-year-old Capitol Theatre into a West Side independent film house by next year. It’s time to put the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood in the same category as Ohio City and Tremont: a corner of Cleveland on the rebound, buoyed by nightlife and art.
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