The Best of Cleveland - Socks

The seriousness of socks was lost on most of us until we caught wind of The Sock House. We just thought socks were around to get lost in the dryer. But according to one officemate, they play an important role in both comfort and fashion, and “you can learn a lot about somebody by what their socks look like or how they wear them.” Resist the temptation to dive under your boss’s desk. But feel free to check out Maurice Christopher’s socks. He’s the proprietor of Christophier Custom Clothier, and he operates a Web site that focuses solely on luxury goods for your toes. From your basic black cotton ankle socks to navy blue cashmere duds at $95 a pop, there’s a pair for every level of enthusiasm or experimentation. The Sock House carries sizes 7 through 13, and all are fashioned with Italian craftsmanship, using fabrics such as silk and wool. The result is a perfect fit without any bunching near the heel or toe and a wide range of bright colors and patterns. The next time you need to make an impression, get ready — head to toe.
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