Kids A to Z: Nicole Marcellino

In-arena host for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Mr. Hero spokeswoman
Mom to August, 18 months

I once overheard someone [at a Cavs game] say, "Either she's pregnant, or she's had too many wings and one too many beers." I was seven months pregnant at the time. It hurt a little bit, but I think my hormones were out of whack.

I loved the excuse to eat food I normally wouldn't eat. I loved Oreos and macaroni and cheese. Maybe I was getting ready for what my kid would like.

The season I was pregnant, people would come up and randomly offer me advice. One guy said, "Make sure your husband gets you a push gift." I didn't get a push gift, but I guess it's your motivation to push during labor. I'm assuming this guy found out the hard way.

They couldn't break my water before it was time to push. Then there was an explosion like a water balloon breaking. The doctor and nurse literally ducked for cover. I didn't think things like that really happened.

August was a month and a half early. He was in the hospital a month.

When you're having a baby, you think you know exactly what to expect. But you learn to expect the unexpected.

I'm very detail-oriented, very Type A. But as a new mom, that all goes out the door. You realize it's no longer about me and my schedule. He comes first.

One time I was on Good Company and [producer] Claire Donovan watched August in the control room. Once he saw me on the monitors, he had a little panic attack, like "Wait, you're not my mom! Where's my mom? I want her now!"

You're going to have things on your to-do list, you're going to need to vacuum and fold laundry, but all that can wait for tomorrow. Your child isn't going to be a baby forever.

I've been known to hold him during his naps and just relax with him, even though I know I could be crossing daily tasks off my list. I used to be so diligent about getting my work done.

It sounds so cliche, but embrace every moment when you're a first-time mom. These moments go by so quickly.

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