Kids A to Z: Terri Libenson

Nationally syndicated cartoonist, The Pajama Diaries Mom to Mollie, 10, and Nikki, 8

I was cursed with horrible pregnancies and blessed with easy deliveries.

I was on bed rest for a couple of weeks before having Mollie. It was hard for me. I hate to stay still. I read a lot. I ate a lot. I watched a lot of TV.

I should have enjoyed my bed rest more. If I had known that my life would get really crazy really fast, I would have enjoyed the relaxation time I had.

When Nikki was born, the first epidural didn't take effect. The second one was just in time. That girl shot out like a cannonball. I guess I was the

I've always been jealous of those C-section kids with their perfectly formed heads.

I was a worrywart as a new mom. I still am. Now I worry about different things. I worry about strangers on the street. I worry about my kids' emotional well-being.

Girls require lots of emotional maintenance. The years of combined perimenopause and puberty in our household won't be pretty.

Everyone needs to tune out the noise, tune out what the so-called experts say, and develop their own parenting style. Don't listen to the unsolicited advice. I know it's hard not to.

Motherhood has taught me time management skills I never knew I had. When you have kids, you know you have to use your time wisely.

What I miss most about my kids as babies is kissing their big chubby cheeks. They won't let me do it anymore, but I still have the same desire to kiss their cheeks, even now.

My best piece of advice came from a book that said to put babies to bed earlier. The premise was that sleep begets sleep. It sounded counterintuitive, but it worked.

The worst advice I got? That I should listen to other people's parenting advice.

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