Look at You!

A mom can dream.. from kid-friendly cuts to the most adorable outfits, check out a few of the places that'll have the gang looking good (for the first five minutes, anyway).

One Sweet Salon

You wouldn’t go at your own hair with a dull pair of kitchen shears, so why do it to your child? Sausalito Salon at La Place offers the cut above. Your toddler can climb aboard a motorcycle, choose a sucker and watch his favorite video while the stylists do what they were trained to do. Then, you do what you are trained to do as a parent: Pay the bill. $15; (216) 591-9010; 2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood

Child’s Play

“We don’t carry anything at the store that you’ll find at the mall,” says Hopscotch Children’s Boutique owner Sandra Kovach. It’s not that she and her husband/co-owner, Ed, have anything against the mall; they just want to give parents a fresh alternative. Pick up washable leather baby shoes guaranteed to stay on, or speciality baptism and first communion gowns, but be prepared to answer the “Where did you get that?” question over and over. (440) 331-8452; 19136 Detroit Road, Rocky River

Sitting Pretty Seniors

After a decade of school-supplied photographers — you know, the guy who shot the whole school in succession, pulling out his comb to awkwardly (and unhygienically) part each person’s hair — the kids have finally graduated. To personalized photos, anyway. Parents and kids can agree on Motophoto, with locations in Shaker Heights and University Heights. Your teenager shows up in the outfit of his/her choice, with a prop that represents him (lacrosse stick, musical instrument, etc.) and has his own photo session. Bonus: Mot­ophoto won’t break the bank. $32.50 pays for a year membership in the senior portrait club that entitles you to unlimited sittings and a 10 percent discount on prints. Photo touch-up included. www.motophoto.com

A Cowabunga Cut

Snip-Its, with locations in Rocky River and Hudson, is the amusement park of hair salons for kids, with colorful mascots in the shape of scissors or a can of mousse, video games at every station and colorful, puffy seating. It also offers glamour parties where groups of girls can do runway shows with updos, photo-ops and prizes, and finish it off with a Style-a-Doll party. www.snipits.com, Rocky River: (440) 333-2226 or Hudson: (330) 653-3353

High Fashion in the Heart of Hudson

It’s a girls’ world at NickyNicole fashion boutique. Shoppers can browse items ranging from fun tees to virtual pets. The store will show off new fall styles such as their popular candy-shaped messenger bags in a runway show Sept. 3. Owner M.J. Lehman was inspired to open the store by her 7-year-old daughter, Nicole. She says shopping there is more than just another errand to run — it’s a chance for mothers and daughters to bond. www.nickynicole.com; (330) 655-5745; 1998 E. Hines Hill Road, Hudson

Diaper Diva

Aren’t you fancy, wheeling around in your all-terrain stroller, tricked out with air-inflated tires, rain gear and customizable color scheme? Sure, they’re pricey, but man, are they cool. And, as any experienced mom will tell you, you’ll own about four cheapo piece-o-diaper-fill strollers over the course of your baby’s strollerhood, so why not buy the one you really need? StrollerMama.com, based in Shaker Heights, carries all the high-end models: Bugaboo, Valco, even the Rock Star Baby Stroller that comes in — you might have guessed — black, with some shades of gray in between. Free shipping on orders more than $35; www.strollermama.com, (216) 201-9577 or 1-866-293-5642

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